Goldsmith | Studio Kohlbecher

Our Craft

Alloying. Smelting. Smithing. Pressing. Pulling. Pushing. Sawing. Filing. Soldering. Setting precious stones.

If you are walking down Linienstraße, feel free to take a peek at our studio. You can watch the process of creation over our shoulder. At Goldsmith | Studio Kohlbecher we place the greatest value in handcrafted perfection and inspired forms.

You can always count on luxury workmanship and our full commitment to actualizing your dreams. Let's have a conversation about your wishes and ideas. This is how custom jewelry is created.

You can always count on our luxury craftsmanship and our complete commitment to your dreams.

Come share your desires and ideas.

This is how we create custom pieces of jewelry for you.

The tools and the steps of the creative process.

Combining both traditional and contemporary techniques, we create unparalleled gifts of beauty.

Fine Gold Granules




Smithing Rings


Stamping Rings

Ring and Echappement Files

Steel Pins and Eyelets

Mounting Rings

Sanding and Polishing with a Suspension Drill

Drawing Iron with Tongs

Nothing replaces a personal meeting!

Welcome to Goldsmith | Studio Kohlbecher

030 – 60 59 01 07 or 0176 – 20 83 71 46

Opening Times Tues – Fri 11h - 18h | Sat 11h - 16h We are also available by appointment